Connecting Communities for the Common Good

OHC is a network of faith and community-based organizations committed to improving health equity, health outcomes, and reducing health disparities in their communities.

Who is Our Healthy Community?

Health inequities continue to put minority populations at severe health and economic risk and cost the US healthcare system billions of dollars each year. 


The Institute for eHealth Equity (IeHE) is a social impact consulting firm committed to developing Our Healthy Community (OHC) to assist faith and community-based organizations to address health inequities in their communities authentically. The OHC network connects faith and community-based organizations into a collaborative space locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. It strengthens them and increases their individual and collective capacity to understand better how health inequities impact them and their community members.


OHC works in close partnership with our community organizations, never without them. We offer community organizations the tools to collect, share and manage information and data to better engage with their community members and more equitably partner with healthcare, life sciences, medical device, and clinical trial stakeholders.

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OHC is designed to improve health equity, improve health outcomes, and reduce health disparities.

OHC levels the playing field.

What We Do

Our Healthy Community (OHC) integrates digital community engagement strategies with proven offline tactics to shorten the distance between faith and community-based organizations and underserved community members. We then work to equitably connect healthcare payers, providers, academic, clinical trials, medical devices, and life sciences stakeholders to our communities.


Want to make a difference?

OHC specializes in Community Partner identification and recruitment, content development, training, and outreach, community member activation, community gathering and campaign implementation through the OHC platform, data collection and analysis, and program evaluation.

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