About Us

We are Fluent, Relentless, Connected, and Passionate

Our healthy community is managed by a multicultural team of underserved community outreach and engagement experts. Many of us were born and raised in the very communities that we aim to serve. 

Who We Are

Our Healthy Community is an unprecedented network of local, regional, and national faith and community-based organizations (Community Partners) committed to improving health equity, health outcomes, and reducing health disparities in their communities. OHC Community Partners are embedded in their communities and are typically known, liked, and trusted by their community members.



We Are From Underserved Communities

OHC leadership recognizes the challenges underserved community members face when trying to improve their health and wellbeing. We understand the importance of addressing the social determinants of health. We also appreciate the power of engaging the faith and community-based organizations trusted in so

many of our neighborhoods.



We Are Built to Drive Equity

Our sole focus is to eliminate health disparities, improve health equity, and improve health outcomes by fostering relationships between like-minded organizations.



We Have Faith/Community-Based and Healthcare Partners

OHC is deeply connected to Pastors, Health Ministers, Community Health Workers, Care Coordinators, Community

Advocates and others working in our targeted communities.

We are also deeply connected to healthcare, life sciences, medical device, and clinical trial stakeholders.



Our Work Is Personal

OHC is personally and emotionally invested in our work. We strive to assure that our partners and sponsors consistently:

  • Acknowledge and understand the histories of marginalization and mistrust in underserved communities.
  • Protect the wellbeing and interests of underserved communities
  • Insist on having transparent discussions about power
  • Build on global community strengths but highly respect local knowledge
  • Seek to identify opportunities for co-creation and co-learning
  • Focus on sustainability, systems development, and capacity building


Advisory Board

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