OHC's mission is to improve underserved community organizations and community members' physical, mental and economic health and well-being.

OHCMembers drive individual community member engagement and connect underserved community members into private, culturally appropriate peer-to-peer health networks. We offer easy access to moderated conversations, community support tools, curated health-specific content, and culturally relevant support groups with other community members.

Social support plays a crucial role in improving health outcomes, and clinical evidence shows that our solution works. Evidence shows that by engaging with others “just like you,” community members are more likely to adopt prevention and wellness protocols proactively, better observe medication adherence requirements, become more open to participating in clinical trials, and generally support improving their individual and community-wide health and wellness.


The OHCMembers portal gives underserved community members, rural and urban, regardless of race or ethnicity, the freedom, comfort, and control to express themselves, share their stories, encourage each other and perhaps get answers from other community members just like them. 

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OHC specializes in Community Partner identification and recruitment, content development, training, and outreach, community member activation, community gathering and campaign implementation through the OHC platform, data collection and analysis, and program evaluation.

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