What We Do

Strategy Without Action is Powerless.  Action Without Strategy is Aimless.

Many underserved faith and community-based organizations are trusted and have a passion for improving the health and the well-being of their community members.


Our Healthy Community is a best-in-class technology platform that supports a new and democratized approach to underserved community outreach and engagement. The platform seamlessly connects community-based organizations with their community members and with healthcare stakeholders.


This approach gives trusted community leaders an equitable and consistent voice in defining and co-creating the
strategies and actions that will improve health equity and health outcomes in their communities.

We recognize the need to:

Acknowledge histories of marginalization and mistrust

Have transparent discussions about power

Encourage cooperation and identify opportunities for co-learning

Improve community capacity building

How We Do It

Our Healthy Community launched the OHCTeams portal. This portal includes practical tools that deliver password-protected collaboration spaces that connect the leaders of faith and community-based organizations anytime, anywhere, on any device. Our collaboration spaces allow trusted community leaders to privately engage with each other in larger groups and smaller sub-groups as frequently or infrequently as desired. First and foremost, this is their space!


OHCTeams then supports these community leaders as they meet with healthcare stakeholders to exchange ideas and information. When convening on OHCTeams, our moderator tools and intelligent prompts keep the conversations alive, documented, and moving forward. And unlike web video conferencing, OHCTeams is highly structured and goal-based, resulting in thoughtful input from every participant. It levels the playing field!


Our Healthy Community also launched the OHCMembers portal. This portal connects underserved community members, rural and urban regardless of race or ethnicity, into culturally appropriate peer-to-peer health networks. OHCMembers offers easy access to moderated conversations, community support tools, curated health and wellness content, and relevant support groups with other community members. OHCMembers gives underserved community members the freedom, comfort, and control to express themselves, share their stories, encourage each other and perhaps get answers from other community members just like them.


Social support plays a crucial role in improving health outcomes, and clinical evidence shows that our solution works. By engaging with others “just like you,” underserved community members are more likely to adopt self-assessment and early detection protocols that support improving their individual and community-wide health and wellness. Engaged and activated community members can be a powerful force for change!

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